Yasia leads call and response chanting inspired by the the traditional format of kirtan, offering both Indian devotional chants, and chants from other parts of the world, including African, African American spirituals and Celtic chants.

'Kirtan' is the traditional form of call and response chanting originating from India. It is a very joyful and quick way to connect deeply to your heart. 

The language of the Indian chants is Sanskrit - an ancient language that helps to bring us closer to the Source of our Being. Sanskrit is formed of vowels that vibrate with the resonance of that which we sing about, making it a very powerful way to tune in/ tune ourselves! 

It is not necessary to have any beliefs or be connected to any form of religion, in order to enjoy chanting, it is purely tool to take us deeper into ourselves.

Chanting this way can be very joyful and uplifting, as well as stir other powerful emotions connected to the heart. A great way to work with turbulent states of mind, and can bring peace, and release to body, heart and soul.

Yasia uses the simple call and response format to explore music from all over the world and inspire confidence for people experiment with, and enjoy their voices. It is truly a nonjudgmental and joyous way to really sing!