About Yasia

Yasia is a Voicework and Movement Facilitator and Chant leader.

She uses the mediums of movement and voice to support and empower individuals and groups. Her passion is to empower others to find their voice - the instinctive and intuitive voice as well as the literal.

Yasia offers:

  • A safe, non-judgemental and celebratory space to express through sound
  • Opportunity to discover and explore your own voice, both the intuitive inner voice and the literal sound of your own resonance
  • A place to voice your deepest and most powerful wish for your life.
  • Specific coaching tools and support for allowing those deep heart intentions to become manifest realities in the material world.

Yasia works with a combination of lighthearted humour and gentlenss - for when the heart feels safe enough to sound, it is the most profound place to voice and move from, irrespective of ‘tune’ or ‘pitch’, 'physical fitness'.

She leads voice work and kirtan both in the Uk, Ireland and Thailand, and offers coaching 1:1 and group sessions in the Uk and Dublin. 

Yasia has trained extensively with voice and dance, apprenticing with pioneering teachers such as; Nikki Slade, Free The Inner Voice, Adrienne Thomas at ‘The Voice Project’ and The School of Movement Medicine Teacher training program. She is a certified teacher of Movement Medicine and blends this with much of her voicework.

Her dance training spans over the last 20 years, including ballet, shamanic dance, movement as meditation, and training as a whirling dervish. Yasia has also worked extensively with children and teens, and ran ‘Brave New Arts’ a therapeutic arts practise for children and teens.